I’m a DV VICTUM and i been silence for so long and i finally been able to go to court today and told my story in public for the first time. For the first time I am brave enough to say what my ex husband did to me without being scare and covering up what he did to me. I will not be silene anymore, I will fight to protect me and my kids. This man put a gun to my head and threaten to kill me and my kids while he was so drunk and on drugs at the same time. Then he change his mind and say no I’m nog donna kill you I’m donna kill your kids one by one and let you live to suffer. All I can think is I’m donna die today, what can I do to protect myself and how can I stall him. While the gun is pointed to my head I say to him why are you trying to hurt yourself but since he was so intoxicatid I was able to trick him for those minutes until he realized what I was doing and push me to the ground while holding my daughter whom was one at the time. I got lucky because at that same moment the police said they surrounded us outside so he got scare took the bullet out of the gun and push me outside first just in case they shoot. Still I was stupide enough to cover up for him to everything until he hurt me again and I had the courage to leave. DV is no joke and I hope no one have to deal what I had to deal with for 6.6 years.

Instagram post by Samnang Hope Oum

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